Story by: Dani Dupuis

It's no surprise that when the words, Hawk Family come up. People can't help but think of the Murphy Family. A family dedicated – not just the athletes, but parents too. 

Meaghan Murphy is on the Women's Softball team, Keegan and Aidan Murphy are on the Men's Baseball team, following Peter and Christine Murphy cheering on the sideline. On more than one occasion, both parents have had to "split-up", as Meaghan once said. The softball schedule and baseball schedule can be completely opposite from one another. 

Of note, there is a fourth Murphy sibling, Griffin. He attended Humber and participated on many Humber Extramural teams, including being a standout on the volleyball squad. As well, as a member of the Humber Varsity Operations team, he has helped facilitate home games, while having the opportunity to watch and cheer on Keegan and Meaghan. 

The upcoming season is looking bright for these three athletes but their success doesn't come from all their hard work and dedication to their sports and studies. It comes from the support of their parents, teammates, friends, etc. Just like in the paragraph above, both parents go out of their way to make sure they can be there to support. "They are the best fans a team could ask for and I'm so thankful to have them there, or at least close to all of our games," says Aidan. 

Not only are the parents as supportive, but Aidan, Meaghan, and Keegan all believe in one another. Just as one would hope, the Murphy family is just as close off the field, as they are on it. They all lean on one another for support and advice. Meagan, Aidan, and Keegan are spoken highly by teammates, they also speak highly of each other. 

"Keegan is going to be a good coach someday." – Aidan Murphy 

As siblings, they have always pushed one another, and even as a little girl Meaghan wanted to play. "I was 9 when I started playing softball, I only started because Keegan had started the summer before and I wanted to play when he did," says Meaghan. This family has always been a softball/baseball family – Aidan and Keegan can agree ever since they started playing at such a young age, they have never looked back and have cherished every moment of it. 

Keegan (#23), is the oldest of the three boys, but Meaghan is the oldest sibling. Keegan is going into his fifth year at Humber College. He was named team MVP in 2018 and is Humber baseball's all-time leader in hits and RBIs. Meaghan (#4), will be going into her fourth year and was named team MVP 2016, and honored with Warrick Manners Sportsmanship Award this past year. That leaves the final of the Hawks baseball playing Murphys, Aidan. This eager athlete is coming from St. Augustine Catholic Secondary School and just like his brother, Aidan holds records of his own, including leading his team in home runs for the past three years. Being the newest addition to the team, fellow coaches and teammates even see the potential in him. The only thing Aidan has to adjust to, is having the same nickname has his brother. 

Let's play ball. 

A lot of people can't play on a team with their sibling because they don't acquire good chemistry or communication skills to do so. Then, there are siblings who acquire these skills - Aidan and Keegan. The four-year age gap disappears once they hit the field.  It is obvious to a lot of people, that they share good chemistry on the field and appear to move the same way. Keegan says, "Aidan and I have only played together for a few games so far, but it's obvious we can communicate well and we have the same mindset in a lot of situations," says Keegan. Meaghan on the other hand, has not had this experience, but being a part of the Humber experience with her family is something she is grateful for. "Not that I've played with them, but having them a part of Humber has shown me that I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to share these experiences with my family," says Meaghan. 

Being in the Hawk Family 

Being a part of varsity is not only a great honour but it is a great privilege. Wearing that 'H' doesn't just mean you're a part of the athletic department, but a part of the Humber experience. 

"Being a part of the Hawk Family is more than anyone can expect. The feeling of support from each other, every athlete at Humber is amazing and we're so lucky to be a part of that environment. Even my parents are a part of the hawk family, it's crazy," – Meaghan Murphy. 

"Being a Hawk has been very educational and I have been learning a lot which is good. Can't wait to compete and win some championships," – Aidan Murphy 

"Being a Hawk is something I'm extremely proud of – this being my fifth year. I've seen it all as a Humber athlete and I feel permanently connected to all the teammates I've had over the years, as well as athletes from other teams at Humber. Being able to represent Humber is an honour, and being a part of the athletics community is something I will always appreciate. Humber as done a lot for me over the years and I can only hope we can do our part to give back to the program," – Keegan Murphy.